Excellent food
for pets

Our goal is – healthy domestic animals and satisfied owners!

JSC “Tukuma Straume” offers excellent food for your pets – cats, dogs and puppies, using only the highest quality raw materials. We cooperate with approved raw material providers from Latvia and Europe, carefully supervise the production processes and perform laboratorial tests of food ingredients and the manufactured products.

Our enterprise has more than 30 years of experience in the production of animal food, and today it is not only one of the biggest and most experienced, but also one of the most updated food producers for pets and domestic animals in Baltics.

Best quality raw materials

Excellent food for your pet, using only the highest quality raw materials.

Dog food

All dogs, be as they are – good breed or no species, active or a bit lazy, lap dogs or watch dogs – every dog loves its master with unconditional love. Love of our four-legged friends always is true! And we are happy that we may give our pets the best we can.

“DOGO” – the highest quality dog food ensures balanced and healthy nutrition, because health of dogs and their joy of living is our priority.

Cat food

Knowing that your cat trusts you boundlessly, and it will ask from you in return so little – only love, care and meal, every cat lover will care for the pet as best as it is possible. It should be kept in mind that every cat is special!

The enterprise has created the most appropriate professionally balanced and wholesome food for each cat. “Catto” fully ensures the cat with all indispensable amino acids, minerals, vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids.

MB “Viskas Jums” is official distrubutor of A/S Tukuma Straume production in Lithuania